Learn Why You Should Consider Buying Turntable Wrapping Equipment

If you're packaging low-volume to medium-volume shipments, then you should look into a turntable stretch wrapping system. If you've been manually wrapping pallets up to this point, you may not even realize just how beneficial changing to a turntable stretch wrapper can be. This article will introduce you to them and give you a better idea of how helpful they can be.

How a turntable stretch wrapper works

A turntable stretch wrapper is a piece of equipment used for wrapping pallets in preparation for shipping. It will rotate each pallet on the turntable as stretch film tightly wraps the load. The process that takes place with the turntable stretch wrapper ensures a more secure and complete wrapping, which is beneficial for a number of reasons. 

Different types of turntable stretch wrappers

There are different types of turntable wrappers. This allows you to choose the type that's going to work the best for the size of shipments you will be wrapping. 

Semi-automatic — A semi-automatic turntable stretch wrapper features a basic wrapping method. Once the forklifts have set the pallets on the turntable, an operator will manually begin the process, and the turntable will complete the wrapping. Then, the operator will move the next load into place. During the process, the operator will also watch for any adjustments that need to be made. 

Automatic turntable — Another type is the automatic turntable stretch wrapper. This type features a conveyor system that will stretch wrap one pallet and move that pallet to the completed end of the line. After this, it will automatically feed the next pallet into the wrapping zone and the whole process happens again. This type of stretch wrapper can begin and complete the wrapping process without the need for an operator to intervene. This system allows the loads to be lined up for wrapping. Once the wrapping is complete, the loads can then be picked back up. 

The importance of properly wrapped pallets

In order to appreciate turntable stretch wrappers, you should first understand the importance of a properly wrapped pallet. When the pallets are wrapped securely, the contents will be better protected from many things that could damage them. Water, pests, and even movement are a few things that could cause damage to the items on the pallets. Something else to consider is that these turntable wrappers will stretch the wrapping tighter and in a cleaner manner. Not only does this provide professional-looking pallets, but it can also save a lot of money on wasted wrapping supplies that were used in excess.

If you are looking to buy turntable wrapping equipment, contact a manufacturer. 

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